The story of us

Read about what WHU Inside Business is, how it all started and what the mission is we pursue!

WHU Inside Business is a video magazine which is independently organized by students of the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of management, an international business school based in Germany. Our aim is to provide new insights directly from executives and managers in the areas of digitalization, supply chain management, entrepreneurship and finance. Since our start in 2016, we filmed more than 20 interesting videos. To achieve this, we closely collaborate with different chairs of WHU and are supported by WHU Marketing.

"An exciting new video series"

- Dr. Rob Britton

Our Partners

While our team consists only of motivated WHU students, our videos are produced with the help of well-known professors of our universities who conduct theinterviews with our guests. Depending on the channel and area we are filming for, we collaborate with a variety of prestigious professors:

Our Channels

Our videos are organized along different thematic areas: Digitization, Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. All our videos are related to business topics, which makes them especially interesting for business students as well as for business executives.

Our Formats

Our videos are all categorized into two different formats: On one hand, we have videos with a duration between five and fifteen minutes, which are providing detailed insights into a certain business field or current market trend. On the other hand, we have short videos with a maximum length of two minutes aiming to give a short overview or tips concerning a specific topic.


In 2018, WHU Inside Business introduced a new type of videos called SHORTCUTS. In our shortcut videos, external business leaders provide helpful business-related tips to students. Our aim is to reach a wider audience of students and spread the knowledge of those experienced executives. Therefore, SHORTCUTS are short, informative, and easy to understand.