Dr. Rob Britton
Marketing Director

Summarized Biography

Dr. Rob Britton is an experienced airline expert as well as management and marketing professor. He has spend more than two decades at American Airlines in the United States in a variety of positions and is happy to share insightful advice with our audience. We filmed two SHORTCUTS with him, in which he gave helpful information to business students about characteristics that he looked for when he interviewed job candidates and about the vital role of being upfront with your mistakes in order to be successful.  

Dr. Rob Britton is principal at AirLearn and RealWorldLeadership. Furthermore, Britton has already provided hundreds of hours of pro bono work each year to eduactional institutions worldwide and is always eager to serve. In the video it becomes clear that he is an enthusiastic, energetic and productive person that has a lot of insightful experience to share.

Videos with
Dr. Rob Britton