Franz-Joseph Miller
Founder & Chairman of the board

Summarized Biography

Franz-Joseph Miller, co-founder & chairman of the board at Liefery and founder & CEO of time:matters, about challenges and opportunities in logistics for same-day deliveries.

In 2014 he founded together with Nils Fischer & Jan Onnenberg the leading German Service- and Technology Platform for local Sameday Delivery. Liefery has been able to acquire the leading retail customers in all Major segments, incl. Amazon, Zalando, Depot, SportScheck, REWE and many more.

FJ Miller studied law in Bayreuth & Lausanne and then completed a Kellogg/WHU MBA in Chicago & Vallendar. Prior to founding time:matters, he founded his own fashion start-up business and was responsible for marketing and sales at the mobile Internet platform Jamba!.

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Franz-Joseph Miller