Günter Högner

Summarized Biography

Günter Högner, chairman of the board at the nassauische Sparkasse (NASPA), discussed in our interview the impact of the low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank on the German Sparkassen. Moreover, he spoke about the future of the traditional banking sector and the challenges, and chances arising through digitalization and new fintechs in the market.

As chairman of the board since 2015, Günter Högner is responsible for a successful digital transformation at NASPA. Within the board, he is responsible for the fields of IT, credit management and communication among other roles. The focus of his work is on the customer-oriented strategy of the Sparkasse.

He did his business studies in cooperation with the Sparkasse and joined NASPA in 1973. Afterwards he took over several positions within the company and became member of the board in 2002. His long career with NASPA makes him to one of the most experienced experts on the German private banking sector.

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